Yowane Haku

Yowane Haku is a derivative vocaloid recognized by Crypton Future Media. She was originally made to sing songs that use Hatsune Miku, but ending up sounding awful. Her name means "to say negative thoughts or to show white feather".


Haku's appearance is very unique compared to other vocaloids. She has red eyes that look sad. Her hair is long grey and is tied back into a low ponytail using a large dark blue and black bow. She wears a short dark grey top that has a dark blue tie, which only covers her chest. She wears long dark grey pants that are held up by a dark blue belt.


Haku seems as if she is often depressed and lonely, as she came to represent an aspect of failure within the Vocaloids, and a failed Miku. She cries a lot and is disappointed because of her lack of talent. She appears cheerful when she is drinking.

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