Many people mistake Kasane Teto for being a vocaloid, but she isn't one at all, actually. She is an UTAUloid, which is exactly like the vocaloid program, but free instead. She was originally made as a troll vocaloid.


Kasane Teto is a chimera, she isn't male or female, but uses she/her pronouns. She is 31 in chimera years, but 15.5 in human years. Her outfit is similar to Hatsune Miku's but pink and black themed, and she doesn't wear a tie, her top is buttoned together. She has two pink twin drills, and pink eyes as well. Her chimera form consists of red dragon wings and a tail.


Teto is often depicted as being more innocent than Hatsune Miku. She acts like a tsundere, but unlike Neru, she's less aggressive. She likes to tease people to show that she cares about them instead of showing love. She's cheerful and eager, and loves to eat bread.