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About Defoko UtauEdit

Defoko is the first UTAU Ever. She was created to have an apperance by being the least common of all the characters. She has short purple hair with a little grey hat ontop of her head, and she wears what every other character wears. (She wears what Miku wears except her outfit if purple) She was created by Ameya. (Japanese)Edit

Defokos Apperance And PersonalityEdit

  • Defoko has short purple hair topped with a hat
  • Defoko wears what all the other Vocaloid girls wear (Same outfit but just purple)
  • Defoko is sweet kind and charming around all others
  • Defoko has an auto tuned voice just like the rest of the others
  • Defoko blushes a lot
  • Defoko is a side character